Walk with Ease

The Iowa Physical Therapy Association and Community Health Partners are pleased to announce that they are the recipients of a grant that will help Iowans suffering from arthritis find help with the Walk With Ease Program.

Community Health Partners will offer one-on-one help to Iowans who would like to participate in the Walk With Ease. Walk With Ease is a structured walking program that teaches participants how to safely make physical activity part of their everyday life. The program is designed to help people living with arthritis better manage their pain and is also ideal for people without arthritis who want to make walking a daily habit.

We are asking for your help to promote this program in Iowa. The Iowa Physical Therapy Association has created Facebook ads and a flyer to help spread awareness of the availability of these program and encourage participation. Below you will find these resources. Please share on your social media accounts and at your practice. If you have questions or need help, please contact the association office at 515.222.9839.

Participates can join by clicking here, scroll down and you will see “Walk with Ease Program.”


Walk With Ease Resources