Iowa Physical Therapy Foundation


Foundation Board of Directors

President - Brad Mensen

Vice President - Wendy Bloomhuff

Secretary - Meghan Rettenmeier

Treasurer - Rachel Polito

At Large Member - Nicholas Adams

The Iowa Physical Therapy Foundation’s mission is to support current and future physical therapists and assistants by establishing, funding, and granting scholarships for students enrolled in Iowa therapy programs. The IPTF also supports research that optimizes treatment provided by physical therapists and assistants. To learn more about the Iowa Physical Therapy Foundation click HERE for the brochure.

Click here for the Foundation of Physical Therapy Center of Excellence.

Learn more about our $50,000 in Five Years here.




Olive C Farr Scholarship Awards

The Iowa Physical Therapy Foundation established an annual $500.00 physical therapist student scholarship in 1983. An annual $250.00 physical therapist assistant student scholarship was established by the IPTF in 1995 which was initially funded by a contribution from physical therapists Steven and Susan Bell. In 2010 the IPTF increased these awards so that each year four physical therapist student scholarships and one physical therapist assistant student scholarship are awarded. The scholarships are made possible by a bequest to the Foundation from Olive C. Farr, PT, the first director of the physical therapy education program at the University of Iowa.

Learn more about the Olive C Farr Scholarship Awards here.


IPTF Research Grants

The Iowa Physical Therapy Foundation (IPTF) is committed to facilitating clinical research in physical therapy. The priority purpose of this grant is to provide funding that helps to support clinical research which links clinicians and academicians in the State of Iowa. Click here to learn more.